Kera Kontrol

Kera Kontrol Total up to 3 months

Kera Kontrol Total pH 2

Kera Kontrol Total is a new generation smoothing system that controls the curls and frizz of your hair by using lupine protein that stimulates the natural keratin of the hair. This technology uses amino acids and protein synergy that are bio compatibles with the hair fiber. Therefore improves the hair’s moisture, elasticity, strength for great softness and shine.

Kera Pure pH 8

Kera Pure is a purifying shampoo that removes all impurities from the hair. Contains plants extracts, preparing the hair to receive all technical services. You must use Kera Pure before the Kera Kontrol Total smoothing system and before Kera Food to refresh a color service. Do not use after a smoothing system.

3 Month Smoothing System